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My name is Ashley, and I have been involved in web development and programming for about 15 years, on and off. I am currently fiddling about and getting used to the Laravel framework. My intention is to then get up to scratch with Zend, and gain a certificate. I have not yet worked within a professional environment, as what i know was generally picked up in my own time, not looking to make a career out of it. I would estimate that my current knowledge is equivalent to about a year of bachelor studies.


PHP has been my primary focus for the last year, but i have ventured through other languages. I have experience with C#, writing windows forms based applications which noteably include a blackjack simulation tool, and a sudoku game. I've written several websites over the years, but have only recently began to use frontend templates such as bootstrap. Here is the previous version of this site, with a theme composed from the ground up. I also have experience with mySQL, with a form understanding on key aspects such as indexing and relationships. I also enjoy scripting in the mIRC application.



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